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created with the everyday woman in mind.
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will be donated to the 2020 Mom efforts to bridge the gaps in mental health support of new moms, every month.

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Virtual Boudoir Experience

Hair Inspo Guide
Makeup Inspo Guide
Outfit Inspo Guide
Posing Videos
each month to inspire & fully guide your private boudoir selfie session. This includes videos walking you through EACH pose, giving you the feeling I'm RIGHT there with you, guiding you through a REAL in-person boudoir session.


Moody Mobile Presets

3 LR mobile Presets
Give your selfies some sex appeal with settings I would use if you were actually having a boudoir session with me...right from your phone! You don't need any fancy equipment or programs! I'll walk you through how to use them. These goddess inspired Lightroom Mobile Presets are specially created for EACH of your selfies.


Sensual Confidence & Friendship!

You're invited to my boudoir party!! Connect with goddesses of my tribe. Find friendship, self-love, confidence, & support in our all female community where we share and celebrate our selfies in a safe space.


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(3) 5×5 prints each month
Professional Retouching
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Hello Goddess

Sensual Self-Love experiences

created with the everyday woman in mind.